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Test Automation 

Develops Test and Automation Systems

We provide solutions to your testing need and deliver custom applications in LabVIEW that control your test equipment.

We provide fully automated or standalone design, manufacturing, integration and deployment of testing equipment according to customer specification

We provide comprehensive services

  • Feasibility assessment and analysis
  • Analyze system models
  • Build Robust Control Algorithms
  • Define System Requirements and Design
  • Generate readable, traceable, highly optimized solution
  • System validation based on original requirements
  • Software design, development and test
  • Strategy development and test implementation
  • Hardware design and prototyping
  • System Integration and full turnkey solution
  • Development of customized solution
  • Networking and database solutions
  • Target a real-time platform for control and measurementConsultancy and training

Testing & Commission at Site


  • Issues solving, challenges, and needs in software test automation
  • Automatic techniques and tools for testing software
  • Model-based software including models, tools and techniques
  • User-oriented software development and interfacing (GUI)
  • Software test automation techniques, solutions and experience
  • Test-Driven-Development Techniques and project experience
  • Automatic validation techniques and technology for test development
  • Soft test automation cost analysis and complex measurement
  • Automatic software performance evaluation and reliability measurement
  • Automated test solutions include analysis and signal monitoring
  • Enhances the test with repeatability, maintainability and automatic reporting
  • Automate the administrative tasks and any routine tasks in preparation

Documentation and Supports

We provide professional user manuals, instruction sets, service manuals, operator operating procedure and technical reference guides that detail your test systems that designs and developed.

We also offer test plan development to ensure the design meets your requirements. These test plans include system validation based on original requirements, acceptance test plan and procedures, factory acceptance test and system deployment and start-up assistance.

Full Turn-Key Test Solution

Benefits in using NI LabVIEW
for Test and Automation Validation

  • Reduce development time
  • Graphical programming
  • Free instrument drivers
  • Communicate with all other instruments
  • Use multicore processors to improve performance
  • Incorporate low-cost USB instruments


  • Automotive High Power Device Test
  • Communications and Control
  • Data Logging and Monitoring
  • Data Analysis
  • Embedded Control and Design
  • Green Engineering
  • Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
  • Optimize Test Automation
  • Research and Prototyping
  • RF Test and Measurement
  • Photovoltaic Testing and Monitoring
  • Solar Verification and Validation
  • Test Cell Measurement and Control
  • Video Test Simulation
  • Vision Inspection
  • Motion Control