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First Article Request
Note: Complete Section A only for any new first articles
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Sales contact:   Mr. Jackson Tan
1st Article (Sample) Required:  Yes, first article (sample):
  No, (i.e. First Article Waiver)
Section A: New First Article Information
Note: * are mandatory fields

1. Customer Information:

Customer Name: * Customer Part Number: *
Project: (if known) Customer Contact: *
Manufacturer Part Number: * Email Address: *
Customer Raw Part Number: * Phone Number: *
Device Package: Fax Number: *
2. Programming Information:

1st article programming source: Master Device
  Email / FTP
  Diskette / CD
Checksum: (if known) 8-bit Ram Fill: 00
  16-bit   FF
Reset Polarity: High Byte Order: MSB=1, LSB=0 (Little Endian - Intel)
  Low   MSB=0, LSB=1 (Big Endian - Motorola)
  N.A   N.A
Secure Device: Yes  (Please select either Read Secure or Write Secure)
Serialization: Yes    
Protect Sector:
(Specify Sector No. if applicable)
Lock Block:
(Specify Lock Block No. if applicable)
Configuration Option:
(Specify details in special instruction field, if applicable)
Special Instructions:
3. Marking Information:
    Note: 1.  Select one of the marking methods.
              2.  Fill up making information in the optional textbox from line 1 to line 5.

4. Packaging Information:

Tape & Reel & Qty: Yes  

                (Products without Tape & reel requirement will be returned in the original media or packaging)
Vacuum Seal requirement: Yes
Baking: Yes  (Please specify the temperature & duration for baking)